Client Results

At Port Credit Hypnosis, we help people to manage their weight in a sensible, healthy and sustainable way.  Our program does not depend on deprivation diets or weigh-ins, point systems or counting calories. Instead, we teach you how to make changes both consciously and subconsciously so that you find yourself automatically eating in a healthier and more balanced way. 

People who are overweight often share some common factors.

Those who have difficulty managing their weight often:

  • Eat for comfort or to distract themselves from negative emotions
  • Have a negative self-image
  • Use food as a reward
  • Don’t enjoy being physically active
  • Prefer sweet or salty fattening foods over healthier options
  • Continue eating when full
  • Were taught as children to ‘finish their plate’
  • Believe that losing weight involves deprivation and starvation
  • Don’t realize how much food they have consumed in a day
  • Don’t drink enough water


Our personalized sessions focus on the reasons why each person overeats and gains weight. When the underlying causes of the overeating are addressed then the unhealthy eating behaviour can be replaced with healthy eating patterns.  Our program helps to realign the subconscious mind so that the person eats not as an automatic response to emotion but in order to satisfy the body’s nutritional needs. The result is a slimmer and healthier person who is free to eat as nature designed us, in a balanced and satisfying way.